"The relationship myself and the staff at Howe Farming Enterprises have with Duesburys is highly commendable and they have our full support and recommendation as a business to work with."

"Duesburys Accountants & Advisors have been associated   with our business for a large number of years, having grown from a small family farm to one of the region's largest horticultural and cropping enterprises, employing over 400 people. Being involved in a large and diverse business operation means prompt and professional advice is a must for the successful operation of the business. The staff at Duesburys have proven to be prompt and efficient in their actions and have always been professional in their decision making."

     Dennis Howe

Managing Director

Howe Farming Group

"Duesburys have assisted me to grow my business exponentially through sound advice and ongoing support."

"My story is sadly all too familiar in regional Queensland. I started my business in 2001 and for several years received poor advice and tardy service from my trusted accountancy firm. For many years I struggled to meet my commitments and always seemed to be late with my financial returns and legal requirements. My frustration levels increased until one day asked a few astute business people who they used as an accountant. Fortunately for me, one very shrewd operator suggested Duesburys in Mareeba. I have never looked back from my first meeting with Duesburys 12 years ago. Neville, Ann-Maree and all of the staff are wonderful. My questions and concerns are always addressed in a timely, professional and friendly manner. Duesburys have provided a network of industry professionals that have been able to assist me with all of my accounting, compliance, planning and legal needs.  My business plan is sound and the future looks bright.  Do yourself a favour and experience the Duesburys difference today…. their service is second to none!"

Karen Hardy
Principal Broker
Acme Insurance Brokers


"We recommend placing the future of your business ventures in the hands of Duesburys Accountants and Advisors for growth, expertise and reliability."

"Being part of the Construction industry we are aware of the Plumbing Regulations, however when the funds are in the bank we need a reliable, trustworthy and understanding accountant to advise on Taxation, Investment, Restructuring, Superannuation, Succession Planning and endless other requirement.  We can confidently rely on the advice of Duesburys Accountants and Advisors. Duesburys  advisory services extend well beyond traditional accounting activities  identifying  issues requiring attention and implementing strategies designed to increase profitability, meet statutory requirements, and ultimately add value. Duesburys dedication to client service from reception to end of project is the peace of mind we have appreciated consistently since the early 1980's."

    Roy, Trevor and Phyllis Walker


    Roy Walker Plumbing


"The help and guidance I received  when my partner passed away was particularly exceptional."

"I have been using Duesburys for over 15  years and find the staff have always been extremely helpful and easy to interact with. This is especially true of Neville who has been my primary accountant for the majority of this time. The help and guidance I received  from him when my partner passed away was particularly exceptional. Without his guidance I would have found the challenge of continuing to run the business and preparing for the future much more difficult."

    Jan Grasmeder

Owner / Operator

Endeavour Falls Tourist Park



"Being new business owners in the Horticulture industry we were looking for an accountant that could provide sound advice to make our business journey successful."

"Since working with the team at Duesburys we have achieved considerable success in a short time.  The staff are knowledgeable, professional and always make us feel like part of the team.Being new business owners life is hectic so knowing that Neville is just a phone call away makes it easier.  Even better is having him come to us rather than having to find the time to get to their office in town!The decision to use Duesburys is one we can recommend to any new business owner."


     Joe & Monique Moreno


Paradise Orchards




"..... an integral part in the co-ordination of all our business activities"

My family and I have been clients of Duesburys Accountants & Advisors for many years. During this professional relationship they have proven to be an integral part in the co-ordination of all of our business activities with professional and timely advice. The working relationship our family enjoys with Duesburys Accountants & Advisors is highly commendable and I give them our complete support and recommendation unconditionally.
   Sibi Girgenti
   Sibi Girgenti Real Estate



"We definitely appreciate your staff being always accessible...."

We have been dealing with Duesburys for around thirty years. During this time we have found them to always be helpful and approachable. They have taken an active interest in our business and have made several property visits over the years. We have no hesitation in recommending them to other businesses.  We definitely appreciate the staff being always accessible whether we have a payroll query or are wanting business advice.

   Bill Reddie & Laura Wallace
   Graziers / Business Owners
   Turalba Valley Station, Lakeland


"Our accountant is always available to answer our queries...."

We have been with Duesburys for many years and we are very happy with their professionalism and their care. Our accountant is always available to answer our queries – significant or trivial. If he is not free when we ring, he rings us back promptly. We are always given sound advice, in language that we can understand. We would recommend the Mareeba firm of Duesburys to anyone. They are a pleasure to be with.

Lyn Harris, Harris Transport.