Financial Planning

Financial Planning is all about providing and maintaining protection to your current and ongoing wealth.  At Duesburys Accountants & Advisors we recognise that you've worked hard for what you have and as such, we have therefore forged a professional alliance with Prime Financial Group to ensure you are provided with expert financial advice tailored for your needs, goals and aspirations.  Duesburys Accountants & Advisors and Prime Financial Group will always put preservation of your existing wealth first. We do this by taking a prudent yet forward looking approach to the management of your wealth.


Our local Prime Financial Group advisor is on the Tablelands every Thursday in order to provide clients with face-to-face service.  Appointments may be held in our office or at our clients premises.  Prime Financial Group doesn't take a product-based approach, they are an Advisory Firm that adds value for our clients.  Prime Financial Group are not tied to the 'Big 4' banks and as a result provide personalised advice in conjunction with Duesburys Accountants & Advisors that is transparent, flexible and is in your best interest.


By reviewing your current asset position, identifying your goals and needs we will be able to work with our local Prime Financial Group advisor to set a strategy to achieve the life and lifestyle you want for yourself and your family.


Don't take unnecessary risks with your future! Allow us to assist you with achieving your financial goals.


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